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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory


Casement Window - The name given to a normal open out window either side or top hung

Tilt & Turn Window - An open IN window with dual position handle with tilt and swing in position

Vertical Sliders - Modern PVC windows to look and act like traditional sliding sash windows

Mock Sash Horns - Top hung casement windows with horns to match the look of sash windows but open out. Also known as Run through sash horns

Head - The outerframe at the top of the windows

Jam - The Side of a door or windows sash that is attached to the hinge

Top Hung - A Casement window that pushes out from the bottom

Side Hung - A Casement window that pushes out from the side

Fanlight - A Top hung narrow casement windows

Transom - The name given any horizontal fixed piece of profile welded to the outerframe i.e you will the a fanlight drop referred to as a transom drop

Transom - The name given any Vertical fixed piece of profile welded to the outerframe

Midrail - A Horizontal piece of profile welded into a door can have a letter box mounted in to it.

Stay - The name given to a window hinge can also be know as a friction stay

Trickle Vent - A Vent routed in to a Sash or outerframe, required in extensions and newbuild

Sealed Unit - Also referred to as a double glazed unit, 2 pieces of glass bonded together with a spacer bar.

Residential Door - A PVC front or back door

French Door - Open in or open out Double doors with one master and one slave door. Can have 2 sets of handles or 1 handle and 1 thumb lock

Patio Door - This can be 2, 3 or 4 panes, usually with 1 fixed and one sliding door.

Bi-Fold Door - Can be as few a 2 or as many of 7 panes open in or out but allow all panes to be open to allow on large opening


Has a salesperson used a term you dont understand, find out what it means?

7th May 2010

The new Document L has been approved and will become law as from the 1st October 2010. This requires any windows installed in residential properties to be C rated or better or a U-value no worse than 1.6 W/m2k.  For more information check out the New Document L1A

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