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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Top 10 Money Saving Tips

The Double Glazing Industry Doesn’t want you to know



Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate. This is where the biggest saving will come weather it is a small local company, one man band or large national company beat them up on price never take the first, second or even third offer. Most salespeople work on commission only which is between 10%-15%of the job value Haggling also works with trade counters !!


Nothing is Free

Remember nothing is free.  Free installation, Free Fitting even scrappage schemes sound good but the have to be paid for and are part of the price of the windows.  Just compare the final fitted price.


Trade Counters

If you are feeling adventurous there is a real saving from buying from trade counters and getting them to recommend a local approved fitter



Energy Savings

Don’t get sucked into too many benefits from energy rated windows. ‘C’ can be good, but the uplift from ‘C’ to ‘A’ probably isn’t.  According to Pilkington’s website the saving is only £700 over 20 years.




With windows I would suggest there id little difference between a good local company or a national company. However with conservatories a lot of smaller companies out source the building work and fitting and you pay them directly legitimately saving the VAT. Remember that on £15,000 conservatory if the base work is £5000 and the fitting £2000 you could save you £1225.00 this way


Avoid Cheap windows

Avoid cheap window, look at the window company if they are quoting on 58mm profile with no shootbolts think what other things they are cutting back on. Instead go for a good quality product at the best price you can.


Right First Time

Changing your windows can be costly and a time consuming, make sure you get the design and style right first time to avoid changing it in a few years.  If you are staying in the property for some time it make be worth looking at very energy efficient windows of Acoustic Glass if you live next to a busy road or airport.



Under the Home Energy Saving Program you may be eligible for grant toward some or all of the cost of new windows. Some councils also offer Home Repair Grant.  To find our more about grants click here.



Buy at the right time

If you can wait the best time to buy is around Christmas for windows and especially conservatories. Window companies will be bending over backwards for your order in quiet times.



Negotiate a bit more

I know this is number 1 but honestly you will save more money this way than any of the 9 other ways.  Get 3 - 5 quotes and play each one off against the other.


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