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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

These can differ from 58mm profiles to 65mm and 70mm.  As a general rule stay away from anything that is below 65mm.  Above 65mm you have some people tell you that 70mm is better for a whole variety of reasons,  however there is only ONE major advantage to 70mm frames,  when you replace old wooden windows, 70mm hides the paint lines, 65mm windows will need trimming up. All other aspects of 65mm and 70mm 3 or 5 chamber system are the same, Security, energy efficiancy etc.

Remember that although the is difference in performance between 65 & 70mm a meter of raw profile

What is a PVC Profile?

All PVC windows are manufactured from extruded profile.  I am not going to tell you which extruded make the best windows because that is not the case.  Remember that the profile is only one aspect of the overall finished window and a good profile put together badly is worse than a bad profile make well.

 Also remember that the route to market for some of these products can take on many different paths it could be, like Anglian extrude their own profile, fabricate their own windows and Install,  however it could also go from an extruded to another fabrication to a trade depot to a local builder.

Some profile manufactures produce more than 1 profile so be careful you may have heard good things about a particular extruder not a particular product e.g. the difference between a Ford Fiesta and Mondeo, entirely different products one manufacturer.

Find out who extrudes the best profile and which PVC profile is right for you?

Profile Extruders

only cost 3 - 4 a meter and a 65mm only saves about 30p a meter but it is usually a sign that the locking system and other components are also lower quality.

Below I have listed the major profile extrudes that sell in the UK for you to decide who makes the best window.


Rehau have a very good name among window fitters and is a very good window system, however be careful with the single leg knock in bead, great for fitter not as secure or as energy efficient as a double leg bead

Edge 70mm - - Fully sculptured profile and beneficial 70mm

Tritec 60mm - Cheaper product not as desirable as the edge.


Free PDF Rahau brochure Click here to Download







Duraflex are very prominent in the new build market mainly because the high specifications. They are also quite unique as they produce 2 different shades of white 1) Blue white 2) Warm white

65mm Blue and Warm White - Available in both Beveled and Fully Featured

70mm Blue and Warm White - - This is a personal choice but I recommend the Warm white product Available in both Beveled and Fully Featured and is one of the best windows on the market


Free PDF Duraflex brochure Click here to Download




Profile 22

FC60 - 60mm Chamfered

FB70 - 70mm Beveled

FI70 - 70mm Integrated

FS70 - 70mm Sculptured




Matrix 58mm

Matric 70mm



Eurocell 70mm

Eurologic 70mm

Vertical Slider


WHS Halo

System 10






Legend 70mm



Evolve 60mm


Q: Can windows purchased in the UK be installed in Spain or other countries

A : General NO,  Profile extruded in the UK is designed for the heat tolerance of the northern hemisphere,  some extrudes to a Tropical Mix for hotter and more humid climates

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