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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

A well designed and installed conservatory that is sympathetic to existing structures and environment can add real value to a property

However a low budget conservatory stuck on the back of a house without any thought given will properly not be a long term investment.

There are 4 things to consider if you planning to extend you property with a conservatory, orangry or atrium. 


In my option this is the most important aspect of the project, you may be constrained by you existing property for example a bungalow will need a lean to roof or box gutter. If you are not constrained by the property it will need to be sympathetic to the existing house. look at the roof pitch gables etc. Also look at the style of the windows do they have fan lights, lead designs or georgian bars.


Valuable extension to your home or glorified shed, what makes the difference?


The size is also important you may wish to keep it until 70m3 (Cubic Meters) to stay under planning permission rules or under 30m2 (Square meters) to avoid building regulations.  However make sure the finished size will allow you to use the room in the way you intend,  I have seen many times people compromise on size only for the finished conservatory to be to small of a dinning table or cane suite.


What are you going to the use the for, will it be used as an extra living or dinning room or an extension to the kitchen that will be used all year round, or will it be a sun room only used during the summer.


In my opinion the first 3 things should determine price not the price determine the other 3. As a Good rule of thumb a conservatory will cost you around £1000 per square meter.  Just think of if like this, if you house is worth £300,000, take of the land cost you are left with £200,000 (approx) with 10 rooms that is £20,000 a room, so expect to pay that to add another room like a conservatory. Please remember that a conservatory should not be a cheap alternative to an extension.

Excerpt from the Idea Home Magazine

“Adding a conservatory can raise your house's value by 4% to 5% according to the RICS and is a relatively simple and cost-effective way of increasing your space. Choose a design that complements the style of your home and make sure it doesn't dominate your garden. Also think about its position: a south-facing conservatory needs ventilation and shade, while a north-facing room requires good heating. Check with your local planning department whether you need permission. If you're within your home's permitted development allowance (your local planning department can advise on this) and your conservatory is separated from your house by patio doors, you may be exempt.”

Main Parts of a Conservatory

Building work




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