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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Window Installers and Double Glazing Installers

So you have selected the best profile for your windows, they have been manufactured to the highest standards using the best locking system, gaskets and most efficient glass.  The final stage is the fitting the windows in to your home.   In my opinion this is were customers are most critical.

The unprofessional removal of old window frames can damaged external render and brickwork, Internal plaster and tiling as well as expensive wall paper and paintwork that could cost thousands to repair.

Subversively bad fitting of windows can leave them drafty andDouble Glazing Map leaking with badly finished mastic lines.

It really breaks down into 3 main categories of Double glazing firms: -

  • National Companies
  • Large Local Companies
  • Small one man bands


National Window Companies

The fitting from large national companies like Anglian, Everest and coldseal can be very hit and miss. These double glazing firms are setup to sell as many windows as they can. I have seen some very good fitting and some very BAD fitting.  Remember that when these fitters turn up it is the first time they are seeing the property, they didnít survey the windows and are paid per window or a percentage of the overall job value.  Because of this the quicker they can fit the windows and move on to the next job the better, they are not interested in recommends The only real way to be happy with the fitting from a national company is to have retained enough of the

National installer or a small local company


Free PDF Energy rated windows Ebook produced by the BFRC.  Click here to Download

money until your happy with the finished product that the company is interested in rectifying the problems.

Large Local Window Companies

I have categorized a large local company as one that have numerous fitting teams but only works in local area. They could manufacture there own windows or buy in. These are easier to see the quality as you can ask to see local installations that have been completed.  Also as a local company they will rely on their reputation as ask neighbors and friends for recommendations. The same applies to retaining a large proportion of the money until you are happy.

Small One Man Bands

These could be one or two fitter with a van, should be FENSA or CERTass registered.  In my option this is where the best fitting can come from. As a small company they will rely very heavily on recommendations so a bad job can be very harmful. Also they will probably sell and survey their own windows so you can build a relationship with them, there is more chance that the things you discussed at the sale or survey will be executed during the installation.  The same rules apply ask to see other installations, speak to friends and neighbors and retain as much money as you can until you are happy

Below is a table showing the things to look out for after an installation:-.




Visual Appearance

Is the frame installed plumb and square?


Are the beads fitted correctly and evenly?


Are exposed faces - including beads - free from damage?


Is the frame clean with all protective tape removed?


Has any damage to the aperture been correctly made good?


Have all trims internally / externally been fitted correctly?


Has all site debris been removed?



Is all glazing as specified on the contract?


Are all sealed units free from scratches and damage?


Are obscure and coated glasses fitted correctly?


Are sealed unit spacer bars covered evenly by frame and beads?


Is the glazing held properly by the beads / gaskets etc?


Has safety glass been used where necessary?



Do all sashes open / close and lock as intended?


Are seals on the frames fitted correctly and without gaps?


Are cams free from binding against the strikers?


Is all operating gear lubricated as necessary?


Is all hardware attached with correct number of fixings?


Sight Lines

Are all sight lines visually correct?


Are opening lights aligned correctly?


Are all decorative features e.g leading, correctly aligned?



Are all joints smooth and correctly formed?


Is the sealant continuous around the perimeter of the frame?


Is the frame face free from excess sealant?



Are all drainage channels correctly positioned and free from obstruction?



Are sub-cill end caps fitted if required?























Free PDF of the installation checklist Print it out and use before you pay for any installation Click Here





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