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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Energy Rated Windows

What are they, and are they worth the extra money?


Q: How do I know that the windows im buying are energy rated?

A : Visit www.bfrc.org and click find a company, if it is tested and registered by the BFRC then it will be listed there

Energy Rated WindowsIf you are thinking of buying new windows you cant have failed to be offered energy rated windows either A, B or C especially as the national window companies see this as an opportunity to see more at a higher price.

A Rated CertificateThis is a copy of the certificate given to a window after it has been tested by the BBI and registered with the BFRC





What are energy rated windows?

BFRCThe BFRC British Fenestration ratings council (Which is linked to the GGF and FENSA) test each window and glass configuration for three things: -


1. U-Value

2. Solar Gain

3. Air leakage

The higher the number the better rating and banding. This is usually increased in 3 way

1. Low Iron Glass - this increase the Solar gain but not the u-value

2. Warm edge spacer bar - stops thermal transfer and increases u-value

3. Insulation in the outerframe 

Be VERY careful here as a lot of companies supply windows that are equivalent to an A, B or C but have not been tested with the glass they are supplying with the frames.  Other have achieved an A rating but only with slim outerframe which is useless in 9 out of 10 properties as the bead is hidden behind the plaster line.

PDF Energy Windows DownloadDownload

Free PDF Energy rated windows Ebook produced by the BFRC.  Click here to Download




What do the numbers mean?

Often you get a number with a rating like -10 or +9 this is the 

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust WindowsThe Energy Saving Trust is a non profit environmental                                                            lobby group. They allow products that reach a high                                                          standard of energy efficiency carry their logo

Are Energy Rated Windows worth it?

For the cost of it, maybe, thats up to you. Below is an extract the Pilkingtons website showing the savings from single glazing to energy rated in a semi detected property. Exaggerated maybe but the saving from C to a A in minimal over 20 years.

Energy Rated Window Cost Saving
Double Glazing Energy Calculator


<< Click to use the calculator and find out how much you could save


Free PDF Energy rated windows Ebook produced by the BFRC.  Click here to Download

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