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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Double Glazing Prices

How are double glazing prices calculated

Before we look at how much new windows are going to cost we have to look at what makes up the final price. Below i have listed some of the main costs attributed with the installation of new windows. Not all of costs apply to all quoted but need to be considered.  You may not agree with these costs but trust me they are all genuine cost associated with a successful double glazing company that wants to be around to service the 10 year guarantees they give with their windows.

  • Material Cost
  • Fitting Costs
  • Survey Costs
  • Transportation / Delivery
  • Sales Commission
  • Showroom / Offices / Depot
  • Fensa / Certass
  • Insurance backed guarantee
  • Profit

The larger the window companys the more over heads it has to cover but usually have more buying power which brings the material costs down.

Also remember that prices include special offers such as 50% off, Buy one get on free, window scrapage schemes etc, these have to be paid for.

What prices should i expect to pay for new double glazing?

This is a very difficult question I am going to pick a few examples to give to a rough idea to the prices you may pay. Remember that the more complicated the installation of more elaborate the windows this will increase the price and can add quite a considerable amount

What price should you pay for new double glazing and what should you expect for that money?

A good quality window fitter and his mate can usually fit 3-4 windows in a day, depending upon size and which floor they are on, doors usually take up to half a day french or patio doors a little longer. Any quicker and i would look very closely as the installation before handing over that final cheque.  

Price Examples

I have included some example prices from there cost material price to final installation price to give you some idea of how much new windows or doors will cost you.

Example 1

A Back door 900mm x 2100mm

Back Door CostDoor Cost 250

Fitting Cost 100

Commission 50

Profit 50

VAT 90

Total Cost 540


Example 2

Small Windows 600mm X 900mm Small PVC Window Cost

Door Cost 80

Fitting Cost 60

Commission 30

Profit 30

VAT 40

Total Cost 240


Example 3

Large Window 1800mm X 1200mm

Door Cost 200

Fitting Cost 60

Commission 40

Profit 50

VAT 70

Total Cost 420


What things should you look for in a new windows?

Double Glazing Grants in ScotlandThere are a few things you should look out for when choosing new windows.  below are a few things that are important parts of a double glazed windows

  • PVC Profile
  • Reinforcing
  • Energy Efficient Glass
  • Locking System
  • Furniture
  • Fully Welded
  • Internally Glazed

You should also make sure that any company you choose to fit you windows offers and insurance backed 10 year guarantee, is a member of FENSA or CERTass.  You may also like the added security of using a DGCOS (Double Glazing Ombus man Scheme) member.

You may decide on one of the large national windows companies or a small local installer which ever you choose make sure you see examples of the work they have carried out, look at a sample of the window they intend to install and any recommendation from friends or family or also worth using.

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