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Everything you need to know before buying Windows, Doors or a Conservatory

Benefits over a traditional conservatory

  • Better Insulation - Because of the level of insulation in these type of roofs the performance via heat loss and UV protection is far greater than glass or poly carbonate.  This makes them usable all year round with the need for extra heating or air conditioning
  • The Sun - This sounds obvious but have you ever tried to eat dinner or watch TV with the sun in your eyes, it can make a nice conservatory useless for a large part of the day.

Benefits over a traditional extension

  • Speed - A Solid Roof conservatory can be retrofitted or installed on a new structure in a fraction of the time of a traditional roof.
  • Cost - Because most roofs are prefabricated prior to delivery to site, they can be 40% cheaper than a traditional extension roof.
  • Conversion - Standard conservatory frames could not take the weight of a traditional roof, therefor converting an old conservatory to a usable room would mean complete removal and rebuild of the support structure underneath.
  • Hybrid Roof - Most of these new types of roof system allow for part solid room and part glass which can result in some very nice room designs.

Eurocell Solid RoofConstruction of a Solid Tiled Roof

The construction and makeup of most of these types of roof are very similar.  They consist of an aluminuium ring beam, aluminuium rafters to make up the shell of the roof, These are then in filled with high performing insulation such as celotex or Kingspan.  On the outside this is then covered with a damp proofing such as felt and covered with a tile substitute either in the form of full sheets or plastic tiles layered in exactly the same way as traditional slate tiles. On the inside the insulation is covered with plasterboard and plastered, this allows it to be painted and even fitted withCost and time scales of a Solid Conservatory Roof

The cost of solid roofs can vary wildly depending of the system you choose and who is installing it but prices start from as little as 500 a Sq meter going up to 1500 a square meter.  This is for removal of an existing roof and erection using the existing side walls, for a complete structure the price will be allot more.  Also remember some very old conservatory window frames will not be able to take the weight of these so some reinforcement may be required. down lighters.

Solid / Tiled Roof Conservatories

The new fashion for Solid roof conservatories such as the Guardian, the Ultraframe livin / Real Roof, Eurocell Equinox or Synseals Global Celcius Roof but which is best

It usually takes around 2-3 week to have the roof prefabricated off site before it is delivered in kit form to be installed on site.  Fitting on the simpler systems on an average size roof takes as little as 2 days (Without plastering and painting) and the more complicated system up to a week. Also time depends on the style of the roof as the lean to roof is quicker than an Edwardian or Victorian and a P Sharp or Gable end will be even more complicated.

The Guardian Warm roof

Guardian one of the first manufactures of this new type of solid conservatory roof system.  The are fitted via a network of improved installers and can also be on of the more expensive systems on the market, however it has a low u-value and they have done a lot of work to make to comply with building regulations.

The Ultraframe LivinRoof solid conservatory roof

This system is based on the Ultraframe glass and poly carbonate roof system with solid roof panel instead of glazing.  The name is taken from the Livinroom orangry system that ultraframe manufacture and is a very high technical specification.  This is avaliable via most ultraframe installers thought the uk

The is a new fashion to erect either a new conservatory or replace the roof of an existing old conservatory with a solid tiled / slate effect room.  This has some advantages of both a full blown extension and a traditional conservatory. This allows conservatories to be used in ways that conservatories have not been used before such as kitchens or home offices.

The Ultraframe Real Roof solid conservatory roof

This is another product from Ultraframe and as the name suggests is a different concept to not just the Livinroof but most solid roof conservatory roof systems in the UK

it is prefabricated solid structure using a mono cock design and is very structural, so much so it is designed to not take plastic slate tile look-a-likes but support the weight of real tiles that are hung but a tiler.  Is in the next level in roof extensions is is high end and not really designed to be retrofitted on an existing structure

Eurocell Equinox solid conservatory roof

Roof+Cut+AwayAs with Synseal Eurocell have a background in Windows system extrusion, not there conservatory roof system is not as well knows as the Global system.  These are available via any Eurocell supplier, Eurocell also have a nation wide trade depot outlet

Synseal / Global Celsius solid conservatory roof

Syseal’s Global roof system is one of the biggest selling roof systems in the UK and comes from not just a conservatory system but window extrusion specialist as well. 

Independent solid conservatory roof systems

I am aware of at least half a dozen other smaller manufactures fabricating these type of roof system, all pretty much along the same theme. Using an existing conservatory roof system and adding insulation and plastic roof tiles.  Although these are alot cheaper that some of the major companies making these roofs but a little careful as they may not have the full BBA accreditations

Building Regulations and Planning Permission and for Solid Roofs

Building regulations are mainly concerned with the things such as u-values (How much heatLABC-logo escaped through the roof) as all of these types of roofs have a very high level of insulation they meet most building requirements required by the local council.  This also allows they to be opened up without the need for a door between the house and conservatory

Planning permission is a different story however.  The majority of conservatories in the UK are built under temporary building rights and this requires buildings to have “translucent roofs and changing a Glass or Poly carbonate roof to a solid roof may requite planning permission


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